Add the History to your Cocktail is the mantra of the Bols family, a historic Dutch brand that has always worked alongside the community of bartenders around the world. To date there are 48 flavors of Bols liqueurs, all created from raw materials and natural ingredients. Ideally they are divided into six different groups: citrus, fruity, berry, tropical, delicate and herbal and botanical.

Typical exotic fruit of Chinese origin, the Litchi or Lychee it is a sort of large cherry with a reddish and lumpy rind, which contains a white and opalescent pulp, which smells of rose water, with a fresh and juicy taste, reminiscent of gooseberries. To complete its wide range of fruit liqueurs, Bols couldn't miss out on this delicacy: Bols Lychee it is a distillate refined and exotic , perfect to be enjoyed straight, it will give that extra touch to the preparation of delicious and surprising cocktails.

Colorless and crystalline, with clear references to rose water, grape and vanilla , it is sweet, soft and with a pleasant floral persistence. Served on-the-rocks, it will be the perfect conclusion to your dinners!