Cantine Amativo wineries 750ML

In the unsaid of a barely whispered speech there are always two hearts, one receives by reading between the lines and the other tries not to reveal too much. This dynamic is the same that triggers short circuits between people. Every human relationship is based not so much on words spoken but on those left unsaid.

That infusion of silences, that rhythm full of ruby-colored penumbra is Amativo, the wine obtained from Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes from Salento. The quivering violet and rose adorn the sure grip of this harmonious discourse, which has been partly silenced and, therefore, turned into wine. The Amativo is the conjugation of the ancient atmosphere of the southern countries in the contrara, that is, the time of day accepted by everyone as a truce during the sieges of daily life. A kind of concert of silence, performed perfectly by an orchestra made up of various human types.

When everything rests, the words are called together to give way to the very slow and at times surreal quiet that hovers between the rows, where the clouds and shadows pass for the pleasure of wandering to the end, the pleasure of going up the current towards the beginning of time.

GRAPES Primitivo, Negroamaro.
PRODUCTION AREA Guagnano, Sava, San Pietro
FARM Sapling.
HARVEST TIME First days of September, end of September.
MACERATION For about 15 days.
FERMENTATION In steel at 26°C.
REFINEMENT In barriques for approximately 12 months.
AGING Not less than 10 years.