Classic Bassano Grappa 24 CARAT Poli

Bassano Classica Poli grappa is a grappa defined as "young". For the manufacturer it represents a tribute to Bassano del Grappa, the capital of Grappa, and to the Poli Grappa Museum which is located in front of the Ponte Vecchio, symbol of the city, designed by the architect Andrea Palladio in the 16th century. The raw material is represented by the pomace from cuvées of typical vines of the area. The distillation takes place using the artisanal method, in small batches, with a copper still with discontinuous cycle steam boilers.

Organoleptic data of this Poli Grappa
On an organoleptic level, this grappa has a fruity aroma where quince and dried plum stand out. The flavor is harmonious, elegant and lively. It reaches an alcohol content of 40% Vol. It should be served at 20° C.