The Candolini company was born way back 1898 in Tarcento, in the province of Udine, at the hands of Giovanni Giustino Candolini, as the realization of a lifelong dream, carried out with tenacity against everyone. The tradition has continued for more than a century, following the historical and original recipe and using the same distillation technique, where only the best grapes and purest distillates from Friuli and Veneto, carefully selected by the master distiller, are used for the production of this grappa. A few years ago the company became the property of Fratelli Branca , another historic distillery, which makes sure to confirm, every time, a product of constant quality.

Clear and transparent, it presents delicate aromas of grapes and vinous sensations to the nose, together with light hints of citrus fruits and sage, in a perfect balance of aromas in which the alcoholic note is present but not pungent. The tasting expresses a refined, elegant and balanced distillate between the caloric sensation and softness, in a round and creamy complex that conquers with every sip. Ideal after a meal.