Liboll Rosé Extra Dry Sparkling Wine 750ml

Liboll to celebrate the coming evening, at sunset.
Pomegranate, orange blossom and caper flower liboll.
Liboll as we like to call "the bubbles", in Puglia.

Planting density: 4,500 vines per hectare
Grape varieties: Red berry typical of Salento
Area: San Marzano (TA), Salento, Puglia. About 100 m above sea level. The area is characterized by high thermal sums and medium-low rainfall
Ground: Medium clayey texture, shallow and with good presence of skeleton
Cultivation: Back
Harvest: Last week of August, manual and morning, slightly early in order to preserve the acidity
Winemaking: Obtained from softly pressed whole grapes, using only the first fraction of free-run must (55%) which is then fermented at low temperature. The wine obtained is further processed in an autoclave with the “Charmat” sparkling process
Refinement: After the secondary fermentation, it remains for about a month in an autoclave on its yeasts, then in the bottle at a controlled temperature
Organoleptic characteristics: Bright pale pink color with onion skin nuances; fine and persistent perlage. On the nose, floral notes of orange blossom and fruity notes of pink grapefruit and pomegranate stand out; overall fine and elegant bouquet. On the palate it is quite full, intense, with a marked freshness and flavor with a dry finish. The aftertaste envelops with sensations of Mediterranean scrub
Pairings: Excellent as an aperitif, with light appetizers, medium-structured first and second seafood courses
Serve at: 6°C.