Abracadabra Licorice Liqueur 50cl

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This authentic liqueur from DOP Calabrian licorice it is produced carefully and patiently: the roots are boiled for a long time and then defibrated before being squeezed and placed, in pieces, to infuse in an alcoholic solution. The infusion time varies from time to time, depending on needs but the final product is among the most typical of all, with a very high percentage of liquorice which makes it truly magical!

Dark mahogany color with interesting viscosity, it undoubtedly strikes the nose with a clear note of licorice, together with an alcoholic pungency and balsamic veins. Savory, minty, structured and delicious sip, it has a great softness and a long persistence of liquorice that leaves a slight bitter trail. To be consumed only, either fresh from the fridge or at room temperature.

Not recommended in mixology where it could not express its full potential.