Mirto Zedda Piras Rosso 70cl


Liquor symbol of Sardinia , the Myrtle reflects in every way the spirit of this fantastic island: with that intense and sensual aroma of wild berries And marine scrub and with that unique and inimitable taste, where the delicately sweet notes blend harmoniously with them bittering of the fruits of the spontaneous shrub, the Myrtle Red Zedda Piras it is a concentration of unforgettable sensations. Produced by the infusion (over several months) of the ripe berries of myrtle , harvested strictly by hand in uncontaminated places, with pure alcohol, to which a sugar syrup is added, this traditional Sardinian liqueur has now become a pleasant and tasty after-dinner drink which is difficult to give up. Try it at the end of the meal, served with an ice cube, especially on hot summer evenings: it will refresh the spirit by helping digestion.

Dark and intense amber colour, with typical aromas of myrtle berries, laurel leaves, chestnut honey, marine notes and medicinal herbs, it envelops the palate with a moderate sweetness, counterpointed by an immediate bitter note that leads to a finish consistent and aromatic.

Perfect neat, served very cold or with the addition of an ice cube.