Rum Ambré Agricole J.Bally Martinique 70cl


Distilled from pure sugar cane juice and not molasses, this Rum has even obtained the DOC Martinique , a great example of quality and authenticity, a beacon of light and hope in a world that is increasingly moving towards industrial Rums, to the detriment of agricultural . J.Bally's Ambrè version is made up of several batches of vintage rums which, once expertly assembled by the master distiller, are refined to 1 years in oak vats. Classic, intense and decisive, this Rum embodies the true taste of Martinique, soft and persuasive, suitable for even the most demanding palates.

Very intense amber yellow colour, it presents intense notes of caramel, candied orange peel and sweet spices, cinnamon and cloves on a background of sugar cane. The gustatory impact is incredibly round and velvety, soft in its creaminess and structured in its well-balanced alcohol content, in an enveloping finish rich in hints of white pepper and melted butter.