Tequila Espòlon Blanco 70cl


Produced by hand by distilling 100% blue agave juice, this tequila is a product of rare value, a super premium created to celebrate and pay homage to the culture and history of Mexico, through rooster , symbol of national pride and the classical art of Nineteenth century . A distinctive feature, which makes it very recognisable, is the label, strictly inspired by Mexican art and depicting Rosarita Ramon, historical character of Guadalupe, astride the rooster, towards a journey that captures real moments of history!

Completely transparent and luminous, with reflections ranging from silver to platinum, the nose has a delicate and gentle scent of agave, together with notes of citrus peel, white flowers and a very light peppery spiciness. The tasting reveals a soft character and a medium body in which white pepper, vanilla and tropical fruit chase each other, in an elegant and clean finish that closes on spicy notes.

It lends itself well to being drunk straight with salt and lemon, it is perfect for making cocktails.