Vodka Beluga Noble Russian



First produced in 2002, Beluga Noble Russian it is the final result of the meticulous and accurate work of the master distillers of the Mariinsky Distillery; fruit of a wise union of spirit of malt and extremely pure water , subjected to double filtration through natural sand and silver filters, taken from Siberian artesian wells, is then lightly flavored with honey, oat and milk thistle extract . Before being bottled, it undergoes a further maturation process, lasting approximately thirty days, in order to definitively stabilize all the components and thus achieve that unique stable and velvety finish, which only Beluga can have.

Extremely pure crystalline, it has a nose that reveals unusual and soft sensations of vanilla, honey and citrus fruits, immediately evident when tasted; extremely velvety and smooth, it denotes a beautiful freshness and a beautiful spicy persistence.

To be enjoyed strictly neat, possibly accompanying it with some caviar in purity.