The word Martini never fails to remind us of the classic cocktail of the same name, James Bond's favorite drink. Today, however, under this name there are numerous aperitifs, vermouths and sparkling wines on the market, all bearing the signature of Martini & Rossi . Founded in 1863, the brand was born with the creation of Martini Rosso, the most classic of vermouths.

In 1910, the recipe for Martini Rosso was modified to create the Martini Bianco . The younger brother, often called "Bianchissimo" or "Dama Bianca", presents itself as a drink with a soft and complex flavour. White wine (Trebbiano) is flavored with aromatic herbs, floral spices and vanilla to obtain a rich and delicate vermouth, perfect to enjoy with a little tonic water as an aperitif