Maraschino is a sweet and colorless liqueur of Dalmatian origin based on a particular type of cherry, Prunus cerasus.

The liqueur owes its name to morello cherries, a variety of black cherries originating from Dalmatia.

The base wines are carefully selected by the master distiller who uses the classic Charente still for production. The processing involves the elimination of the first part of the distillate (head) and the last part (tail). Only the central part (heart) is used and then left to age in oak barrels. Brandy is the product on which Stock was founded and therefore represents an unparalleled wealth of skills and history for the company. Today Stock offers two products in its assortment: the classic Stock Original and the more prized and aromatic Stock 84, which in the brand itself commemorates the foundation of the company in 1884.

Alcohol content : 30% vol.