This is why its label has always featured a phrase coined by Antonio Varnelli: "A taste is enough to make me prefer it".
Corrective sovereign of coffee
Half a teaspoon of Varnelli in an espresso coffee or in barley is the most popular and traditional way to enjoy Varnelli: the ideal correction that does not alter the taste of the coffee but completes and enhances it.
Mediterranean aperitif
Added to water, to which it gives a pleasant and characteristic opalescence, it is an exquisite and effective thirst quencher.
Smooth, iced, on the rocks
Varnelli is a true master of conviviality. There are those who love it straight at room temperature, those who drink it iced, those who enrich it with ice cubes. It gives liveliness and pleasantly surprises in many cocktails and long drinks. Protagonist in pairings with cigars and chocolate, it is also presented by the company in the tasty dark chocolate Cicchetto.
In the kitchen and in the pastry shop
Varnelli also proves special on ice cream, fruit, sorbet and in many pastry and cooking uses. Widely used in desserts, it is surprising in its combination with savory ingredients, to which it gives its own unquestionable personality, without overpowering them, therefore arousing the interest of important chefs who choose Varnelli for their successful recipes.

Color: Clear, brilliant, transparent, with bluish reflections.
Smell: The intense and persistent aromas of anise subsequently develop fragrances of wild fennel, dill and cumin, enriched with floral scents.
Taste: Very warm, full-bodied, dry, sweet, you can perceive the intensity and persistence of the aromas detected during direct olfactory examination: anise, cucumber and wild fennel. It leaves a harmonious finish, indicative of exceptional quality, causing continuous sensations of pleasure.
Final Considerations: The decidedly dry taste of Varnelli makes the product versatile, both as an aperitif and after a meal or extended as a long drink.
How to Serve It: Famous as the "sovereign corrective of coffee", it is also excellent in barley. It is drunk straight or with ice and is very versatile in cocktails and long drinks, on ice cream, on fruit, in cooking. Protagonist in combinations with chocolate or cigar. Added to water, to which it gives a pleasant and characteristic opalescence, it is an exquisite and effective thirst quencher. Excellent with crushed ice, in sorbet and in chocolate shots.

Varnelli is a unique and original product that enhances the Mediterranean tradition of aniseed liqueurs and is appreciated, both in Italy and abroad, for its dry and strong taste which makes it very pleasant in multiple uses. Varnelli, the expression of anise in its pure state: by tasting it you enter the world of a "special taste", difficult to describe in words.

Alcohol content 46%