Moët & Chandon NIR Nectar Impérial Rosé Dry 75cl


NIR made its appearance on the market in 2015 and, right from the start, dictated the rules of style and a new fashion, as only Moët & Chandon he knows how to do it! In fact, at the base of the bottle there is a lighting system which, combined with the sumptuous pink color of this Champagne, makes the bottle truly one of a kind, beautiful, bright and perfect for the most glamorous and sophisticated parties!

Antique rose gold in colour, it has a rather dense perlage and very delicate foam which, when crackling, brings fruity aromas of wild strawberry, fig and raspberry to the nose, together with spicier hints of pink pepper. In the background a mineral vein reminiscent of face powder and very light smoky tones. Dry, dry, harmonious tasting, with well-integrated freshness reminiscent of currants and pink grapefruit, together with a spicy finish of cinnamon.

Perfect for making every night special: thanks to a button on the bottom of the bottle, it transforms into a perfect eye-catcher to dazzle your guests!