Piper-Heidsieck Essentiel Extra Brut 75cl (Boxed)


Historic Maison founded in 1785, today Piper-Heidsieck it is the 6th best-selling champagne in the world. Its soul is made up of three elements: cinema, fashion and luxury. Sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival and the Hollywood Oscars for cinema, it is also available in limited editions created by JP Gaultier and C. Louboutin in the form of jewel bottles in gold and diamonds! All supported by the quality of the wines, made by the award-winning designer Chef de Cave , Regis Camus. The Extra Brut Essentiel is the latest expression of the Cuvée, born from the union of more than 100 different crus and with a maturation of 3 years on the yeasts. A true gem to keep!

Clear, luminous and crystalline gold has an extremely delicate effervescence. On the nose, an initial impression of freshness with clear, concentrated notes of white fruit, such as apple, pear and aromatic grapes, then fades towards toasted almonds and violets. Candid, elegant and sophisticated, it strikes the palate with citrus fruits and floral references, balanced with the savory note, towards a long finish with a mineral trail.

Ideal as an aperitif, it goes perfectly with canapés, semi-mature cheeses and cured meats such as mortadella and ciauscolo but can easily be drunk throughout the meal.