Amaro Da Saloon Interval 50cl


The insatiable desire to explore new lands, brought the Old Customs Warehouse to explore new worlds and research new cultures and new botanicals which, with great simplicity, we try to bring to life in the glass. Amaro Da Parlor Interval it therefore expertly combines gentian, galangal, absinthe, mint, sage and marjoram, all individually infused, without any citrus fruit. The infusions are assembled only at the end and rest together, to get to know each other, for as long as necessary, without rushing. To close a bottle you need to know how to wait, with great patience, for the natural cycle of each botany, which is interval and magic.

Dark amber with veins tending towards ruby, on the nose it is a pout-pourrì of spices, cloves, cinnamon, followed by green notes of artichoke, mint and gentian. Artemisia, marjoram and thyme as a background. Powerful, important sip, well balanced between heat, alcoholic softness and bitterness, characterized by a very long and persistent finish of aromatic herbs.

To drink straight, comfortably sitting in the living room.