Bitter Pumpkin Rhubarb l 1


Created in 1845 in Milan by Ettore Zucca, this Italian amaro is based on rhubarb , as the name also highlights, together with other natural flavourings. It takes its flavor from the main ingredient following the infusion , for about 10 days, of the stems of the plant, which give it a characteristic sweet-bitter flavour. The infusion also includes bitter orange, cardamom seeds and a mixture of secret aromatic herbs, with the ability to combine everything in a decidedly low alcohol content, given the category, which confirms it as a great classic with an ever-present taste.

Deep and intense ebony colour, the nose reveals distinct and explosive aromas of rhubarb and propolis, together with a bunch of aromatic and medicinal herbs. The gustatory impact is decisive and pleasantly bitter, balanced between strong sensations and the perception of sweetness, in a very long persistence that leaves behind a clear but highly refined bittering trail.