Why coke?

Treasure of the ancient empires
Long before the time of Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug lords, the coca plant had a mystical and powerful role for the people who grew them. In ancient Peruvian society, coca leaves were prized throughout the Inca Empire, prized for its abilities to fight hunger and disease.

A flavor as rich as its history
It took just one chance encounter – a coca leaf-chewing ceremony with an indigenous tribe, during a backpacking trip through the rainforest – to bring our founders face to face with the mystical flavors of the coca leaf. Our founders were well suited to transforming the flavors of the coca leaf into a gin unlike any other. Between the two of us, we bring a 112 year, 4th generation family history of gin, and an unbridled passion for gin. The result? An incredibly balanced and lively combination of subtle, bitter coca, with bright notes of tamarillo, papaya and South American dragon fruit.

A gift of unprecedented distinction
And our premium gin is kept in the bottle it deserves. Its premium design, created by some of the most renowned designers in the industry, is finished with real 24K gold leaf.