Bols and the oldest spirits brand in the world , born in the Netherlands as far back as 1575. The brand is now distributed in 110 countries and its liquor line has over 30 different flavors.

Bols Blue Curacao and the fruit of the distillation of the peels of a particular type of orange , coming from the archipelago of Netherlands Antilles .

Characterized by the typical and powerful citrus flavour, with a superb and unique aftertaste, this liqueur has become the indispensable ingredient for the preparation of various tasty drinks . Although born completely colorless, moreover, Bols proposes it colored a bright blue , suitable for make your mixed drinks even more intriguing and special .

This liqueur is smooth, sweet and fragrant with clear, intense aromas of orange zest and juice and a touch of mandarin.

Without him the Blue Margarita, the Blue Angel or the Blue Lemonade they would never be the same again.