Diamond Cedar Water

Technical data sheet of the liqueur
Type: Artisan liqueur
Origin: Calabria - Montalto CS
Manufacturer: Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Raw material: water, alcohol, sugar, 60% infusion of Calabrian cedar peels and natural essences, 40% house secret.
Format: 70 cl.
Alcohol: 25%

The description of the sommelier
A unique product of its kind. The recipe, created by Jefferson, includes a blend of cedar liqueur and cedar distillate, with a final step whose secrets have not been revealed. The captain's aim was to create a product that recalled the drinkability of water, the freshness of the sea, the scents of flowers and citrus fruits of Calabria, eliminating any perception and sensation of heat coming from alcohol. This is the cedar water from the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, a product with an absurd drinkability, as if the 25% did not exist, extremely fragrant and complex, with sensations of sweet spices and dried fruit. It amazes and conquers, especially the female palate.

Tips from the sommelier
Excellent at the end of a meal or for moments of meditation. Extraordinary in advanced and quality mixing. The liqueurs are ready to drink immediately and, before being opened, can be stored for a long period.
Recommended serving temperature: 6/8 degrees
Recommended glass: low tumbler
Gift idea: liqueur with an important taste, for fans of strong flavours, with character. Beautiful gift idea for any occasion.

to know more
Liqueurs are artificial preparations; that is, alcoholic beverages obtained by combining alcohol of agricultural origin with essential oils, or obtained from maceration (cold), infusion (hot) or percolation of alcohol with herbs or aromatic substances. They are always prepared with sugar syrup and water to bring them to the desired strength.