Franciacorta DOCG Alma Cuvée Brut Bellavista (with case)


Terroir : term which indicates a very specific area where the physical, chemical and natural conditions of the soil allow the production of wines that are easily identifiable with it, thanks to their own unique characteristics. Franciacorta , in this case, is an exceptional terroir: the vineyards enjoy soils rich in minerals and a decidedly mild microclimate, thanks to the protection of the Alps and the benevolent influences of Lake Iseo and the wines resulting from it, they have unique organoleptic qualities of their kind. Vittorio Moretti 's bubbles are confirmation of this: refined and extraordinary they make every occasion unique, be it a toast or a simple aperitif.

Very bright straw colour, it is crossed by infinite bubbles that create a soft foam. On the nose, fragrant notes of pear and white peach, hawthorn and almond sweets, grilled bread and mineral puffs. Corresponding to the palate, it is well balanced between freshness and softness and persistent on mineral notes.

From the aperitif onwards, it will excellently accompany fish and shellfish dishes, delicate fried foods and medium-aged cheeses.


- 3 Glasses (Gambero Rosso)

- 4 bunches (Bibenda)

- 88/100 (The Wines of Veronelli)

- 87/100 (Wine Spectator)

- 90/100 (Robert Parker)