Jack Daniel's Gentleman 0.70 Cl

Jack Daniel's is a brand of whisky, belonging to the Tennessee Whiskey category, known above all for its rectangular-shaped bottle, also used as the basic ingredient of various cocktails.

Since 2005 it has been distributed in Italy by the Campari group.

The name of the whiskey comes from Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel (5 September 1846 – 10 October 1911).

Born into a family of thirteen children, at the age of seven he was sent to work for the Dan Call family, a Lutheran pastor, owner of a whiskey distillery.

When Jack reached the age of 13, Dan Call sold him the distillery to concentrate his efforts on religious activity.

Over the years, Jack had learned just about everything there was to know about whiskey production and as soon as he took ownership of the distillery, he concentrated on the filtration process.

In fact, Jack, like Dan Call, believed in the importance of filtering freshly made whiskey with charcoal obtained from maple wood, even though it was an unproductive method due to time and costs.

The quality achieved allowed Jack Daniel to register his distillery in 1866, even before the United States Government established taxes on alcohol, effectively making his distillery the oldest in the country.

Some sources, however, move the real date of start of activity to 1875.

Despite being home to one of the largest distilleries in the world, Moore County has a total alcohol ban, meaning Jack Daniel's cannot be sold or served in local stores or bars.

Jack Daniel forgot the combination to his safe and after several attempts he started kicking it, broke his toe, injured himself and his leg went gangrene causing his death.

The black label on the bottles is a symbol of mourning for his death.

Bottle format 0.70 cl

Alcohol content 40%