Rum Legendario Elixir 7Y CL70

1 BOTTLE OF 70cl. 34% vol.

The irresistible aroma immediately brings us to mind to the island of Cuba.

It lets us into its bars, next to its people and fills us with joy as only Cuba is capable of doing.

Elixir de Cuba - Punch au Rhum has retained its craftsmanship since 1946, aged in American oak barrels and created from a mix of fine sugar cane distillates, in turn selected by the best rum specialists.

Demineralised water and macerated raisins are the ingredients that give such a genuine flavor that can satisfy the most refined palates.

The resulting mixture is left to rest for 45 days.

Elixir de Cuba Punch au Rhum can be drunk together with natural juices or soft drinks, or alone, served at room temperature or chilled, thanks to its unique and delicious aroma.