Limoncè Limoncello 500 ml

Limonce' Limoncello with Lemon

Limonce' classic limoncello is an authentic and natural liqueur that differs from all other lemon liqueurs, made as tradition teaches.
It is born from the careful selection of the best Italian lemons to offer a fresh and pleasant liqueur, with a unique and inimitable flavour.
Enjoy a nice chilled glass of limoncello, without ice, or if you want to make it even better, try it with tonic water to give yourself a unique and surprising experience.
You can also use it to make the preparation of your desserts or aperitifs special.
Ingredients: Water; Sugar; Alcohol; Italian lemon peels (900 grams of lemon peels for each liter)
Limoncello Limonce' is produced without artificial flavors or substances.
  • Alcohol content: 25% vol.
  • Format: 500 millitres