Frangelico liqueur 70cl

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In its characteristic bottle which in shape resembles a monk with hands clasped, the Frangelico it is a delicious Piedmontese liqueur hazelnut , moderately alcoholic and extremely versatile. Its origins date back to the 17th century and legend has it that it owes its name to a hermit friar ( Friar Angelico ) who lived in the Piedmontese hills; right from the hills of Langhe , in fact, comes from it Tonda Gentile hazelnut , the main ingredient with which this liqueur is produced; toasted and distilled, they will then be mixed with coffee, vanilla, cocoa and other secret aromatic herbs, to give life to this very pleasant distillate.

Bright amber colour, it releases pronounced and persuasive aromas of hazelnut, dark chocolate and vanilla; when tasted it is full, rich, sweet, extremely soft and with a long and persistent finish.

Drunk neat with an ice cube or added to coffee, Frangelico conquers everyone's palate.