The Passion Fruit , also called Maracuja , is the fruit of Passiflora Edulis , a plant native to tropical countries and South America, which owes its name to the Jesuit missionaries who colonized those lands around 1600 and who saw, in the branches and inflorescences of this plant, the similarity with some of the symbols religious of passion of Jesus . From this juicy and very particular exotic fruit, combined with the experience of Cointreau was born in 1985 Passoã , a fragrant and delicious liqueur, with low alcohol content and extremely versatile! Perfect for mixing with multiple alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, it has become the necessary ingredient to give that extra touch to our evenings, alone, relaxing or in company.

Bright and brilliant red colour, it seduces the sense of smell with intriguing and subtle aromas of Passion Fruit; on the palate it is intense, smooth, moderately sweet and with a slightly acidic finish.

We can enjoy it alone, with ice, add it to a fruit salad or mix it with fruit juices and spirits to create exotic and delicious cocktails.