Portofino Dry gin 50cl

The 21 ingredients used in the Portofino Gin formula, including botanicals grown and harvested by hand on the Portofino mountain, have been carefully selected to impart fresh and Mediterranean scents. After a light maceration process, each individual botanical - juniper, lemon, lavender, rosemary, iris, marjoram, sage - is distilled separately in a copper still, under the supervision of the master distiller. Each distillate is then blended to create the unique mix of Portofino Gin.

The result is a perfectly balanced gin: citrusy yet smooth, with a clear note of juniper combined with subtle spicy aromas and light floral nuances.

The design of the bottle is a tribute to the village of Portofino, where colorful houses and green hills give life to one of the most iconic places on the Ligurian Riviera.