Prosecco Senior Bortolomiol

The “Senior” of Bortolomiol is one of the Proseccos most famous vintages of the cellar , synonymous with balance, delicacy and great expressive pleasure. Bortolomiol produces this sparkling wine with the idea of ​​creating a universal symbol of Prosecco Valdobbiadene and the Latin name of "Senior" indicates this desire. The Roman numeral II that appears on the capsule indicates its extra-dry sugar dosage, therefore classifiable halfway between the driest brut and the more sweet dry. This perfect balance between fresh and varied components and very light sugary nuances has established the growing success of this bubble not only in Italy, but also throughout the world.

Prosecco Extra-Dry “Senior” is born from the refermentation with the Charmat or Martinotti method of Glera grapes coming exclusively from the hills of Valdobbiadene. The production of the grapes, entrusted to a selected group of winegrowing members, is regulated by specific technical standards and by an ecological and sustainable protocol called Green Mark, which provides for the conservation of environmental biodiversity and phytosanitary treatments based on the criterion of integrated pest management. After sparkling wine production in the cellar, aging on the yeasts for 1 to 3 months guarantees the achievement of a good and clean aromatic richness.

The Borolomiol Prosecco Valdobbiadene “Senior” shines in the flute with its light straw yellow coat, crossed by a rich and persistent perlage. It expresses elegant and fruity notes of candied citrus fruits, white flowers, balsamic herbs and fresh almonds on the nose. On the palate it is soft and very balanced, marked by an explosive freshness and crossed by slightly sweet fruity aromas and fine, lively bubbles of excellent workmanship. Its great expressive pleasantness makes it suitable for any occasion, from the classic aperitif to toasts, through the combination with dishes that can enhance its characteristics such as fish or shellfish appetizers, risottos or first courses based on vegetables or sweet or savory appetizers . Simplicity and joy to make moments unforgettable!

Color Brilliant straw yellow with golden reflections

Scent Rich and fruity, with notes of citrus fruit jam, white flowers and fresh almonds

Taste Soft, fresh and balanced, with a subtle and lively effervescence