Zacapa Rum 23 Years Solera Gran Reserva 1Liter (Boxed)


Since 1940, Zacapa has represented an important name for quality Rum, among the best-selling spirits in the world and with a wide range capable of satisfying everyone's needs, including the most refined palates. This Rum is created from pure and natural sugar cane juice , grown on volcanic soils in the southern part of Zacapa country, Guatemala and aged in barrels according to solera method , i.e. through the assembly of different vintages and characteristics, in this case oak barrels previously used for Bourbon and Sherry. A combination of Rums aged up to 23 years, for a unique and unmistakable taste.

Very bright amber yellow color. On the nose it presents characteristic aromas of dried fruit and toasted notes of hazelnut and almond, with slight hints of honey. The taste is soft, rounded and enveloping, pleasant in the perfectly integrated alcoholic note, in a long finish of apricot and dried fig returns.