Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur 70cl


The particular packaging of the Sheridan's , which in appearance may resemble a penguin (for shape and colors), consists of the union of two bottles , distinct but attached to each other by the cap: one more rounded and dark brown almost black in color which contains Coffee Liquor and the other, narrower and white in colour, milk cream . By laying the bottle down to pour the contents, the two parts will mix in the right quantities, so as to obtain a unique, delicious, creamy and enveloping liqueur. A wonderful coffee liqueur that, on the palate, is reminiscent of the best of Irish Whiskey and, by pouring it into the glass with the care of letting the milk cream slide over the coffee liqueur, you will also have the same two-tone chromatic play!

The coffee is dark mahogany colored and the milk cream is white. Once poured, Sheridan's gives the nose persuasive and captivating aromas of coffee and vanilla, caramel, spices and butter. On the palate it is soft, moderately sweet and with a long and intriguing persistence with hints of caffe latte.

Served very cold it is an excellent after dinner but try it on cream ice cream, you will no longer be able to do without it!