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The history of liqueurs based on coca leaves in Italy originates around 1866, when the first infusion based on wine and untreated leaves was produced by a certain Mariani in Bologna. The effects were immediately exciting for the consumers of the time but, over the years, the regulations have changed and, nowadays, coca leaves are imported from Bolivia, under the strict control of the Guardia di Finanza, and then put in infusion and suffer one distillation in the still. Distillation aims to eliminate the narcotic effect present in the leaves themselves. The other herbs used include lemon balm and nettle, plus a fair dose of absinthe to which the distillate is then added.

Very bright bright green color, highly sought after in ours online wine shop , on the nose, as in the mouth, there is an intense reference to aromatic herbs and vegetal notes. The flavor is very strong, it can be drunk as a digestive or used in the preparation of some cocktails. Pure, it is consumed neat, in a small glass and, if it is too alcoholic, it can be diluted with a little water. Served hot it proves to be a powerful digestive.