Strega Alberti 70cl

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Considered among the most drunk Italian liqueurs in the world, lo Witch Alberti was born at the end of the nineteenth century in Benevento, a city in Campania famous for the legend that it was the meeting place of all the witches in the world; at night, around a walnut tree with magical powers, it is said that the witches had created a magical potion, capable of uniting the couples of lovers who drank it forever. Elixir fine ed aromatic , Strega is produced with a very secret recipe that has been handed down for over 150 years and which sees the use of over 70 types between different herbs and spices, coming from every corner of the world. Incredibly versatile, it is suitable for tasting straight, as a digestive tonic, mixed with other drinks, or on ice cream.

Bright golden yellow in colour, it releases intense hints of aromatic herbs including wild fennel and peppermint, saffron and a touch of honey. On the palate it is smooth, enveloping, sweet and complex, with clear references of cinnamon, nutmeg and chamomile.

Drunk neat, added to ice cream or hot chocolate, it will win you over!