The Glen Silver's 70cl

Glen Silver's is a Scottish protected designation of origin whiskey brand.

Rich in tradition and flavours, it covers a range that includes two Blended Scotches aged 3 and 8 years, two Blended Malt Scotches aged 3 and 12 years, and a Single Malt.

This product was born from the meeting of Ramon Masoliver Jordà with the Master Distiller Arthur Glen at the Cairngorms Nation Park in the Scottish Highlands. Ramon Masoliver had arrived in Scotland from Spain, and was looking for the best whiskeys and the best Scottish distilleries, to create his own range of products. During his research he meets Mr. Arthur Silver, who will reveal to him all the secrets of the production process and teach him to recognize the best raw materials for the creation of a perfect Scotch Whisky. Upon returning from the trip Ramon has all the elements to develop a perfect distillate which he will call Glen Silver's in honor of his friend and mentor.

All of these whiskeys are crafted with meticulous attention to every detail. The selection of raw materials takes place in compliance with rigorous requirements. The malting, distillation and barrel aging processes are the result of centuries of experience in the production of this distillate.

Each bottle contains all the knowledge and dedication of the masters who have rigorously learned their art.

Each sip tells of the long periods of refinement of malts and alcohols in American oak barrels. This is why Glen Silver's is a superb whisky, appreciated and praised by the most demanding palates.

From the fermentation of musts extracted from barley malt and toasted with peat, the fundamental qualities of this product gradually take shape.

The malts are aged for 3 to 12 years, and their alcohols are distilled twice before the aging process in American white oak barrels for periods of 3 to 8 years.

The mixture of mature malts, having different aging, with the alcohols distilled twice, are subjected again to an aging period, as required, to obtain blended aged 3 and 8 years.

The older malts are used for the production of pure 12 year malt.

Glen Silver's is the same prestigious whiskey as always: exquisite, intense but subtle and very personal, unmistakable, which today is enclosed in a new bottle that enhances its authenticity, quality and tradition. A new design with a unique, more exclusive and modern image.

Bottle format 0.70 cl