VAT 69 Whiskey 70 CL

Vat 69 has remained unchanged since its launch over 100 years ago
William Sanderson was born in Leith (Scotland) in 1839. His first experiences as a producer of wines and alcoholic beverages began at the young age of 13. By 1863, William was already running his own business, producing blended liqueurs and whiskies. In 1880, his son William Mark entered the business. William Mark convinced his father to bottle various blended whiskies.

The traditional bottle of VAT 69 has not changed since it was launched on the market over 100 years ago. In 1884 Sanderson bought the Glengarioch distillery, located in the middle of a large expanse of barley fields. The distillery was built in that position so that it would never lack a supply of cereals.

Sanders later joined Usher & Bell to create a whiskey company, which still exists today, the North British Distillery.

To create VAT 69, Sanderson chose various malt whiskeys from those produced by the distillery of his friend John Begg, owner of the "Royal Lochnagar".

When Begg died, Sanderson moved on to run his distillery as well.

In 1933, Sanderson merged both distilleries.

In 1980, the company created the "VAT 69 Reserve", with the best malt whiskeys from the distillery's reserve.

Although its name may be misleading, VAT 69 is not a "Vatted Malt", but contains a blend of over 40 barley and wheat whiskies.

Bottle format 70 cl

Alcohol content 40%