Bitter Roger Tenere Sotto Banco 70cl


It is both a Bitters that a Bitter and is born in full respect of the cyclical nature of nature, as well as from the union of Calabrian citrus fruits hand-picked, in particular the PGI lemons from Rocca Imperiale, the bitter and sweet oranges from Bisignano and the bergamots from Pellaro, together with some botanicals including gentian, carlina and cinchona. Without any coloring or preservative, Roger is a unique product, against the grain, so much so that it bears the words 'keep under the counter' on the label.

Brick color with ruby ​​reflections, on the nose it is an explosion of citrus peel and cinchona, licorice and aromatic herbs which suggests power and aroma. Characteristics that are found, punctual and decisive, when tasted, which is powerful, important in the bitter note and very persistent in the tones of tamarind and wild citrus fruits. Curious notes of Mediterranean scrub, in particular rosemary, on the finish.

Ideal consumed neat, as an end to a meal, for true fans of strong bitter flavours.