Gin Citadelle London Dry and Gin Citadelle Jardin d'Ete cl70


Gin Citadelle is a complex but balanced distillate made by the historic French distillery Citadelle. For its creation, 19 different botanicals from all over the world are selected and processed through a long and unique open flame process. In the glass it shines crystalline while the rich spiciness and seductive aromatic profile with spicy and Middle Eastern nuances emerge on the nose. It is thin, delicate, soft and very fragrant: the French expression of gin!

The Citadelle Jardin d'Ete Gin with summery and fresh notes takes us to France. It was created by the founder of Citadelle himself, Alexandre Gabriel. Gabriel attaches great importance to a slow and above all delicate distillation process, which allows the aroma of the 22 botanicals of the Jardin D'ete to be perfectly developed. Like a rich and well-kept garden, which invites reflection and tasting. The Frenchman Alexandre Gabriel is the one who has been developing Citadelle's artisanal gins since 1989. Gabriel's goal was to revive with Citadelle a gin from times gone by, thus distinguishing itself from the mass producers on the market. With the enthusiasm, joy of experimentation and know-how of the master distiller, in 1996 he managed to amaze the world with Citadelle Gin.