Porters Gin 70 cl


Porter's Modern Classic Gin is characterized by its excellent balance. Juniper prevails on the nose, combining earthy notes with the very fresh ones of citrus fruits, enhanced by the Hand of Buddha. On the palate, juniper always dominates, in harmony with the warm notes of pink pepper and cinnamon and the fresh citrus notes, in particular those of cedar. Long and clean finish with hints of cinnamon.


The micro-distillery was created in the cellar of a bar in Aberdeen, Scotland, and is one of the most innovative in the United Kingdom. The gin is named after Professor Andrew Porter of the University of Aberdeen, who provided the team with the rotovapor used for low-temperature vacuum distillation.


As the name suggests, Porter's Modern Classic Gin combines classic and modern in taste and distillation method. The most delicate botanicals are in fact vacuum distilled at low temperature in order to best extract their essence. The others are instead distilled in traditional stills with the help of G&J Distillers.