Sibona Barbera Grappa

There  grappa of Barbera from the Graduata 50 line of Sibona, is obtained from the pomace of the Barbera grape variety located in the areas of the two most prestigious DOCs Piedmontese . That of Barbera d'Alba and that of Barbera d'Asti. For its production, the already fermented pomace is taken to the distillery while still fresh. The distillation is started on the same day of delivery in order to keep the product unaltered in flavor and aromas. The refinement and aging take place in steel tanks for a few months and finally the grappa is placed in small barrels to collect the maximum of the perfumes and aromas.

Characteristics of "Gialla" Barbera Grappa

The organoleptic examination highlights the light straw yellow color tending towards amber. The scent is vigorous and of great intensity. Pronounced with clear recognition of the varietal. The flavor is dry, mature, of the right robustness and harmony, with a long and spirited aftertaste.

Tips for tasting this Grappa Sibona

Barbera grappa should be served at room temperature. Ideal for moments of meditation and reflection.