Fireball Liqueur Blended With Cinnamon And Whiskey 70cl


Legend has it that the Fireball was invented by a Canadian barman in the first half of the 1980s to cope with the cold winter days. Alone, in the place where he worked, one afternoon when boredom had already taken over, the boy decided to play at being "the little chemist", mixing the stock he had available. Probably he didn't even imagine the great success that his experiment would have in the future, the fact being that he chose to mix, by infusion, some Canadian whisky with della cinnamon fresh. Result: the most popular drink in all of Canada! Due to the word of mouth phenomenon, it became increasingly popular until Sazerac decided to purchase the recipe to market this product all over the world. Versatile and with a very pleasant taste, Fireball is an excellent shot but also a valid base for cocktails.

Amber yellow color with golden reflections, very bright. Recognizable and characteristic smell in the spicy note of cinnamon and cloves, with sensations of honey and dried fruit accompanied by light notes of caramel. Upon tasting it reveals all its pleasantness, with an enveloping and soft taste in perfect balance between spicy returns that lead towards a dry and dry finish.