Sandeman Ruby Port



This Ruby Port is probably the most traditional of all in the category, a historic label from the Sandeman company, still produced with the original 1790 recipe by George Sandeman himself, who carefully transcribed it to ensure that all generations could follow it to the letter. Made up of grapes from the Douro, perfectly ripe and delicately harvested by hand, the Ruby ferments for a short period before being added with wine alcohol , which stops fermentation and keeps its characteristics intact freshness of the fruit . This Ruby is a very pleasant wine, versatile for numerous occasions, as a dessert but also for an aperitif, as for meditation, with the ability to preserve its initial youthful characteristics for a long time. By purchasing this liqueur online, you will put a timeless classic in your personal cellar.

Brilliant ruby ​​red color, with slight purple reflections. Olfactory impact of crunchy dark fruit such as blueberries, blackberry and cherry, followed by light hints of violet and iris water, as well as sensations of sweet vanilla spices and light toasted puffs. The taste is dry, rich, rounded and balanced, with numerous hints of dried plum and flowers, in a context of great tasting pleasure.