Pumo Primitivo Salento PGI 750ml

In the heart of our ancient villages, from high balconies and white terraces, fortune whispers to passers-by. It is made of the clay that once nourished the vines. It is a flower when it opens, a fruit on a peach tree, a grain on a vine.


Grape variety: Primitive.
Area: San Marzano, Salento, Puglia. About 100 meters above sea level.
Ground: Medium clayey texture, shallow and with good presence of skeleton.
Cultivation: Espalier (5,000 vines per hectare).
Harvest: First week of September.
Winemaking: Thermo-controlled maceration of approximately 10 days followed by alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts.
Refinement: In steel.
Organoleptic characteristics: Very intense ruby ​​red color with violet reflections; complex aroma, with notes of plum and cherry, spicy, with hints of rosemary and vanilla; full-bodied wine, soft and harmonious, easy to drink.
Pairings: Robust first courses, red meats and game, hard cheeses.
Serve at: 16-18°C.